The founder of Legacy Gym, Ole is one of the top fighters in Asia, both in Mauy Thai and MMA. Ole has racked up many fights many in the best kickboxing promotions around the world, including K-1 and Superleague. Along the way he was able to take on the very best in the sport, including Buakaw Por. Pramuk, Masato, Andy Souwer, Jean-Charles Skarbowsky, Jomhod Kiatadisak & Giorgio Petrosyan. In 2008 Ole decided to make the switch to MMA. Since then he has more than made a name for himself in this new style of fighting. His biggest victory to date has been over URCC Champion and One FC contender Eduardo Folayang.
Born in Manila and raised in Denmark, and training for much of his time in Thailand, Ole has finally returned to his Philippine homeland to open a second Legacy Gym on Boracay. Ole looks forward to spreading the art of Muay Thai to the people of the Philippines.


  • 2002 King’s Cup Muay Thai Champion -70 kg
  • 2002 K-1 World MAX USA runner up -70 kg
  • 2001 I.M.T.C. Muay Thai Super Welterweight World Champion -70 kg
  • 2000 I.K.F. Pro Muay Thai
  • Muay Thai European Champion -70 kg
  • 1998 Danish Amateur Kickboxing Champion


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Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Marcus has been the longtime Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, and MMA instructor at Legacy Gym. Formerly based out of the original Legacy Gym in Thailand, Marcus decided to make the switch to the new gym in Boracay.

Marcus received his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Februaury of 2012 from James Brown and Yousef Alirezai. He previously trained under Carlos Machado, under whom he received his brown belt.


  • Competitor 2x in Pan American Championships
  • Competitor 3x in World Jiu Jiu Championships
  • 4x NAGA Champion
  • 2x Machado Winter Wars Champion
  • Machado No-Gi Challenge Champion
  • 2013 Philippine Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi – No Gi International Open, 2nd place Absolute, 1st.
  • Weight class Elite Division(Black belt)



Another former professional and a product of the ALA Gym in Cebu. Pinoy, as he is known, has been with Legacy Gym for close to two years now. He tries to instill a style of crisp fundamentals in all of his students. 

A tireless worker, he can usually be seen doing extra workouts or bag work after the rest of the gym has left. 

An eager aspirant into the world of MMA, he now now sports a 5-0 amateur record, with his last win coming over PXC veteran Rodel "Kid" Orais. He especially likes the small gloves used in MMA.

Look for him to make his pro debut in 2015!

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Michael Romarate

"magic mike"


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Joemar Bayang

"The Iceman" "The Notorious" "The Axe Murderer" "Rampage" "The Natural" "Jungle Zombie" 



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MMA: 9 - 2


Zebaztian Kadestam

"The Bandit"

Zebaztian started training at Legacy Gym four years ago, after first training with Pancrase Gym in Stockholm. He has emerged as one of the top fighters in SE Asia, and one of the brightest prospects in MMA today, boasting a 7-1 record in MMA, to go along with a 5-2 record in Muay Thai. 

He was also recently crowned the PXC Welterweight Champion after winning a 5-Rd war. Congrats Zeb!

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Another native of Cebu, Marjo comes to us with over over 15 Professional boxing matches

A methodical fighter, Marjo will is skilled at breaking down a students a student's game, and then adding the appropriate tools.

He is also very adept also at "MMA style" pad holding, mixing in appropriate combos for MMA with takedowns and groundwork

Marjo is also a regular in the grappling sessions, where he is the one staying long after to ask his questions.

He has been a quick study to the MMA game as well, putting together a 3-0 amateur record. Look for him as well to make his pro debut in 2015